Behind the Golf Brand

BirdieBall helps golfers get more practice in small spaces

BirdieBalls are limited-flight golf balls that fly 40-60 yards when struck by a driver. They can also draw or slice like the real thing.

Birdie Ball Covers copy 4.jpg

In this week's episode, host Paul Liberatore interviews John Breaker, founder of Birdie Ball. 

We have all seen the commercial, this is BirdieBall.  Not to be confused with the name of the company, BirdieBalls are limited-flight golf balls that simulate curvatures when struck by golf clubs. BirdieBalls fly approximately 40-60 yards total when struck with drivers and they make fantastic practice tools in backyards and on shorter ranges. BirdieBalls are ideal for golfers that have an outdoor hitting space at their home. 

Over the past 20 years, BirdieBall continues to innovate with products that allow golfers to improve their game at their own pace. BirdieBalls are perfect for players that want to swing a club more often but do not have time to go back-and-forth from their local course. They can also be used as indoor chipping balls to help golfers practice short pitches. Golf can be a game that is limited because of price, weather, and real estate, but thanks to BirdieBall, all of these can be overcome.

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