Behind the Golf Brand

Charlie Mechem tells tales of friends Arnie Palmer, Jack Nicklaus

Host Paul Liberatore interviews the former LPGA commissioner about his book, 'Arnie and Jack,' which highlights his longtime relationships with two of golf's greatest players

Charlie Mechem
Charlie Mechem, center, with longtime friends Arnold Palmer, left, and Jack Nicklaus.

Charlie Mechem is a man of great experience, wisdom and joy. Through the years he has been an author, lawyer, business advisor to Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, commissioner of the LPGA, and business partner at Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando, Florida.

"Arnie and Jack," published earlier this year, is Mechem's third book. His earlier books were "Who's That With Charlie" and "Total Anecdotal." Mechem also hosts a podcast, "15 Minutes With Charlie," that interviews top golfers and celebrities.

[1:55] Going to Yale Law School
[3:08] Being Drafted in the Army
[5:20] Becoming CEO of Taft Broadcasting
[7:38] First Meeting With Jack Nicklaus
[9:38] First Meeting With Arnold Palmer
[15:02] Becoming LPGA Commissioner
[24:08] Becoming Arnold Palmer's Personal Advisor

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