Behind the Golf Brand

How David Maxfield Golf is growing on YouTube

Host Paul Liberatore interviews the Australian about his channel's growth over the past year and what has proven to be a tipping point

David Maxfield
David Maxfield reviewing product.

Based in Australia, David Maxfield has created a YouTube channel that is gaining traction through reviews of golf tech, fitness aids, and in-home launch monitors and simulators.

"Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore talks to Maxfield about the channel's growth and how he has become a go-to source about the Garmin R10, one of the more popular launch monitors of 2022.

[1:21] Where do you live?
[3:29] When did you start playing golf?
[8:07] What do you do when the product is bad?
[11:23] How did you start your channel?
[13:56] The life cycle of tech products
[19:44] How the Garmin R10 changed his channel
[23:16] Why is the Garmin R10 is so amazing?
[27:27] Making an indoor simulator
[34:31] What equipment is used to film the reviews

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