Behind the Golf Brand

How Stix Golf balances high quality, affordable price

Host Paul Liberatore interviews CEO Gabe Coyne, who expresses his frustration with golf being a simple game that has become far too complex and how his company is addressing that concern

Golf Stix Product Covers
Stix Golf.

Stix Golf co-founder and CEO Gabe Coyne joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the golf club equipment company came to be. Coyne discusses his frustration with the game and the equipment market. He explains how his company focuses on design and quality, and is never convinced by the hype that this year’s technology will be a game changer.

Before founding Stix Golf, Coyne co-founded a mobile tech startup and was a partner at Venture Studio, which validates innovative products and companies. While there he learned how to build brands and products, and about product-market fit. Coyne is bullish on the future of golf trending toward casual and becoming more diverse and less elitist.

[1:42] Are you a professional golfer?
[6:18] When did you first playing golf?
[8:08] Who are Stix Golf clubs made for?
[11:10] Why the golf club set market is genius
[14:48] Why the big brand sets are questionable
[17:58] Why college may be overrated
[25:23] Buying a golf club set
[29:08] The growth of Stix Golf
[41:41] How people can order Stix Golf