Behind the Golf Brand

How Sunday Golf found its niche, paves a new trail

Host Paul Liberatore interviews CEO Ronan Galvin, who discusses how finding a niche allowed Sunday Golf to revolutionize the golf bag industry in just a few short years


Sunday Golf co-founder and CEO Ronan Galvin joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the golf bag company was created. Galvin shares his frustration with the affordability of the golf bag market and explains how his company focuses on design and functionality — designing easy-to-use carry bags perfect for going to the range or playing a Par-3 with friends.

Prior to starting Sunday Golf, Galvin worked in golf bag product development. Not growing up a golfer, Galvin learned to play golf at a local Par-3 course in San Diego. From those rounds was born the idea for a bag specifically for a Par-3 course. 

[1:31] Where Sunday Golf is located
[2:57] Their new office at Petco Field in San Diego
[5:04] How Ronan Galvin got into golf?
[7:02] Living in China
[9:53] How COVID changed the golf industry
[13:34] Coming up with the name Sunday Golf
[15:54] Launching a brand during COVID
[18:50] The costs of starting a brand
[28:45] Green grass market for new companies
[38:17] The different Sunday Bags