Behind the Golf Brand

Power Tee is changing how golfers practice

CEO Martin Wyeth joins host Paul Liberatore to tell of his journey to create an automatic teeing system for indoors, driving ranges and country clubs — and, perhaps, golf's future

Power Tee founder and CEO Martin Wyeth joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the golf tech company came to be and the innovative process of creating an automatic teeing system.

Wyeth discusses the difficult rise from starting with Power Tee at one golf range in England to being installed in thousands of golf ranges globally, including the United States, Asia and the Middle East. Today, Power Tee reports it is teeing up over 6 million golf balls per day across 18 different countries.

[1:30] Where Wyeth is based
[2:47] How long he has been playing golf?
[4:32] Playing golf in England
[7:46] How he became an inventor
[11:17] Inventing an electric scorecard in the 1990s
[13:09] Jumping in head first as an entrepreneur
[15:25] Creating the Power Tee
[28:33] How Power Tee grew
[33:46] When problems occurred with the Power Tee
[39:46] Coming to America
[54:18] Dealing with Covid
[1:02:06] How the Power Tee makes a golfer better