Behind the Golf Brand

How 'The Par Train Podcast' is growing followers by unlocking golf's mental game

Co-founder Evan Singer shares with host Paul Liberatore the wild ride of becoming the No. 1 golf mental game podcast with over 900,000 downloads

Golfers apparently want to address the mental side of their games.

According to Evan Singer, co-founder of "The Par Train Podcast," his show was amassed over 900,000 downloads, 85,000 followers and 15 million monthly impressions. Singer joins "Behind the Golf Brand" podcast host Paul Liberatore the podcast is helping golfers with their every day mental game struggles and how to become better players.

[1:34] Where Singer lives
[2:21] When did you start the Par Train?
[6:44] Is Singer a professional golfer
[7:04] How the mental game affects our game
[12:07] The importance of the mental game
[17:24] Tricks to help your mental game
[33:30] Understanding and education as to what you are doing wrong
[36:09] Bringing the show to YouTube
[38:00] How to grow a brand