Behind the Golf Brand

How Sweet Rollz is changing the putter grip market

Co-founder Lance Garvin joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss his company's dedication to putting performance through its putter grips

Sweet Rollz co-founder Lance Garvin joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the golf grip company came to be, their exceptional growth during the pandemic and the innovative process of creating a company focused on putting style.

[3:57] Getting into the golf industry 
[5:30] The beginnings of Sweet Rollz
[8:48] How many designs did Sweet Rollz initial launch?
[10:27] When was Sweet Rollz's officially launched?
[11:50] Getting into green grass shops
[16:22] Who designs the grips?
[17:51] What are the various types of grips?
[23:29] Are they sold on Amazon?
[30:40] Moving into other areas of golf