Behind the Golf Brand

Odin Golf is breaking with tradition to grow brand

Co-founder Jordan Lunetta joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the second German-based direct-to-consumer golf ball company is elbowing into the U.S. golf market


Odin Golf co-founder Jordan Lunetta joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the golf ball company came to be, its exceptional growth post-pandemic, and how the brand is disrupting golf's status quo by speaking to the next generation of golfers.

[1:07] Where are you located?
[2:17] What is Berlin like?
[3:45] How did Odin start?
[8:42] How is golf different in Germany?
[11:44] How did you combine tech and golf?
[16:53] What is it like running a golf brand?
[21:28] How to determine your consumer?
[26:10] What is coming out in 2023?
[34:14] Where are Odin Golf products available?



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