Behind the Golf Brand

How On Point Golf has grown so rapidly

Founder Briston Peterson joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss his company's wild ride as a manufacturer of three-dimensional ball markers

On Point Golf founder Briston Peterson joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the golf accessory company came to be, the technology behind its three-dimensional ball marker and how building strategic relationships with some of the industry's biggest names has skyrocketed the company's growth.

[1:29]: How long has Briston Peterson been playing golf?
[3:02]: Where is On Point Golf located?
[3:41] How Peterson got into golf?
[5:45] Playing soccer at Rutgers University
[7:20] Becoming a developer in Aspen
[10:10] Who is Peterson's target market as a developer?
[13:04] How did On Point come to be?
[14:37] Can you use a pizza tray as a ball marker?
[16:45] How did Peterson meet Jim Furyk?
[19:09] Why Furyk endorses the product?
[21:04] How is the marker being marketed?
[21:19] What is your best seller?
[27:29] How do you use the On Point marker?
[31:17] What's next for On Point?