Behind the Golf Brand

How Breaking Eighty chronicles one golfer's journey

Founder Sean Ogle joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss how blogging for his own website ultimately led to a growing YouTube channel that features product reviews and tech comparisons

In 2012, Sean Ogle created Breaking Eighty, a website that houses his golf product and courses reviews. Ogle has since created a YouTube channel by the same name that has more than 16,500 subscribers.

Ogle joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss his path into golf content, the creation of his website and ultimately his YouTube channel.

[1:26] Where are you located?
[4:57] How did you get into blogging?
[8:35] Moving to Thailand
[12:03] Learning SEO and blogging
[15:54] What is Location Rebel?
[19:17] Starting a YouTube channel
[23:18] How to make YouTube videos
[27:21] How filming indoors is easier
[31:20] Playing top 100 courses