Behind the Golf Brand

Meet 'The CEO of Golf'

Social media influencer Remec Carlson joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss the growth of his platforms that focus on instruction and on-course content

Social influencer Remec Carlson, self-proclaimed "The CEO of Golf," has amassed quite a following on Instagram (119,000-plus followers), TikTok (112,000-plus followers) and YouTube (7,200-plus followers) by presenting golf instruction and on-course competitions with high profile guests.

Carlson joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how his influence came to be, how it's grown and what the future holds.

[5:00] Where did you grow up?
[7:46] Learning from Butch Harmon
[9:01] How did you become "The CEO of Golf"
[16:15] Becoming a golf instructor
[19:51] Growing a following on Instagram
[25:16] Working with BustaJack Golf and Sam Jagoda
[31:14] Learning how to edit
[35:51] Making long-form videos on YouTube
[38:47] Learning how to do thumbnails
[42:21] What's happening this year?
[51:39] What the hardest part of being a content creator?
[58:24] Being in the golf hype house