Behind the Golf Brand

A look at how far True Linkswear has come

Footwear brand kicked off the podcast series, so CEO Jason Moore and Brandon Wallach, VP of marketing, join host Paul Liberatore to celebrate 100 episodes and discuss the company's journey

When True Linkswear debuted, the company was just a footwear brand. Since its inception, the Pacific Northwest brand has been reimagining the golf shoe industry and, of late, diversifying into other complementary products.

CEO Jason Moore and Brandon Wallach, vice president of marketing, join "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss the brand's ascension and celebrate the podcast's 100th episode — three years since being Liberatore's first guest.

[1:36] Celebrating 100 episodes of "Behind the Golf Brand"
[3:24] Just what is True Linkswear
[5:29] Collector pieces
[9:58] How did True Linkswear begin?
[16:03] What is the True Golf Tournament
[19:03] The new True Linkswear office
[22:25] What is coming out this year
[40:17] What are some new products for 2024?