Behind the Golf Brand

What is setting the SkyTrak+ apart

SkyTrak VP of development Seth Frack and community manager Jordan Vlogger discuss the release of the groundbreaking launch monitor and simulator with host Paul Liberatore

The release of the SkyTrak+ launch monitor and simulator has people talking. SkyTrak's Seth Frack, vice president of development, and Jordan Vlogger, community manager, join "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss the product and why it's a difference maker. 

[4:55] How did SkyTrak start?
[8:36] Development of the original SkyTrak
[13:17] What makes the ST+ stand out?
[24:51] What is the difference between ST+ and the original Skytrak?
[29:59] Who are your competitors?
[40:39] How did you keep the SkyTrak ST+ secret