Behind the Golf Brand

Seamus Golf: More than meets the eye

Co-founder and CEO Akbar Chisti joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss his company's origins as a clubhead manufacturer and its growth

There is more to Seamus Golf than being just another headcover manufacturer. The woman- and minority-owned independent company, located in the Pacific Northwest, has carved its niche with artisan-crafted products and good old-fashioned storytelling.

Co-founder and CEO Akbar Chisti joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the company started and how it is setting itself apart.

[5:55] Akbar Chisti on growing up and playing golf in Oregon
[9:06] On seeing Tiger Woods before he signed with Nike
[13:52] How Chisti's father inspired him?
[17:35] Going into the consulting business
[21:23] How not making partner in his firm changed his career path
[27:29] How Chisti started Seamus?
[30:34] Getting his first job at Bandon Dunes Resort
[34:16] Selling his first headcover at Bandon
[39:21] The PGA Show experience
[50:01] The difference between a brand and a person
[57:01] Growing Seamus into the brand it is today