Behind the Golf Brand

SuperStroke stakes its claim to No. 1

SuperStroke's executive vice president Ian Zubkoff joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss the putter grip company's position in the marketplace

Someone has to hold claim to the most used putter grip on the PGA Tour, so Ian Zubkoff reasons why not SuperStroke?

Zubkoff, SuperStroke's executive vice president, joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss how the company has positioned as a leader in putter grip manufacturing.

[4:43] How Ian Zubkoff became addicted to golf
[10:27] Big moments that have changed golf
[12:19] How Callaway helped evolve the game
[24:02] How SuperStroke started
[26:30] The development of SuperStroke grips
[41:21] Where can golfers find SuperStroke products