Behind the Golf Brand

How Robert Winskowicz continues to evolve Sqairz

The footwear company's founder and CEO joins host Paul Liberatore to discuss how and why Sqairz was created, and what's in its future

Sqairz founder and CEO Robert Winskowicz could easily be described as a tinkerer. He is the author or co-author of over 20 patents. An his golf industry career includes key leadership roles at both MacGregor Golf and Arnold Palmer Golf Company.

Today, though, Winskowicz is focused on growing Sqairz, the roughly 3-year-old golf footwear brand. Winskowicz joins "Behind the Golf Brand" host Paul Liberatore to discuss the impetus for Sqairz and how the company has grown in this short period of time.

[1:47] Where is Sqairz located?
[3:58] How Robert Winskowicz got into the golf industry
[9:18] Working at MacGregor Golf
[11:24] Working for Arnold Palmer
[16:33] Getting into color-changing golf balls
[19:23] How did Sqairz originate?
[25:02] The technology behind Sqairz
[38:35] Working with Nick Faldo
[41:30] Working with John Daly
[45:10] Why instructors are providing positive feedback about Sqairz
[49:51] Moving into baseball shoes and the future