How culture is at the heart of today’s golf facility evolution

Co-hosts Jon Last and David Klein speak with Golf Property Analysts president Larry Hirsh about an often overlooked element of golf real estate appraisals

Larry Hirsh, president of Golf Property Analysts, has been evaluatiing golf facilities for over 35 years. He joins "Driver$: Inside the Golf Industry" for an insightful discussion about how cultural transformation in society has been and can continue to be a key impetus in optimizing golf facility valuations.   

[1:38] Real estate appraisal expertise melds with a love of golf  
[3:28] Thoughts on the state of the golf course real estate market   
[5:07] Golf and "club culture" and their impact on the future of golf facility management and development  
[8:20] The benefits of a club culture audit in optimizing golf facility valuations — owners vs. customers  

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