Golf’s renaissance woman

NGCOA president and PGA Master Professional Cathy Harbin joins co-hosts Jon Last and David Klein to discuss her involvement in all facets of stewarding golf’s evolution and participation surge

Sports & Leisure Research Group’s Jon Last and David Klein are joined by Cathy Harbin, NGCOA president and PGA Master Professional, on the "Driver$" podcast for a fascinating and introspective look at why the game has recently enjoyed historic transformation and what it will take to keep the momentum going.

[0:54] Cathy Harbin's career journey in golf industry leadership
[3:45] How to continue golf participation momentum and heightened inclusivity
[7:38] How today’s grow the game initiatives are different at a grass roots level 
[11:22] Actionable advice to aspiring golf facility owners and operators
[14:37] The golf facility as a comfortable community and oasis
[15:07] Back to the Future: Perspectives on what golf operations will look like 10 years from now

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