Get To Know: Agustin Piza

Agustin Piza — GTK

Founder, director | Piza Golf

Agustin Piza is founder and director of Piza Golf, which has been recognized for rethinking how golf facilities are designed and used. Piza was recognized by Forbes as one of the top 100 creative minds from Mexico and Golf Inc. included him in its "Power 2020" issue as an up-and-coming superstar.

The First Call: Please give us a short overview of your company.
Agustin Piza: Piza Golf has been recognized with many international accolades and has garnered a reputation for redefining golf facilities with its concepts — Wellness Golf and Lounge Golf.

TFC: What is your handicap index?
AP: 14.

TFC: In one sentence, describe what you do for a living.
AP: I connect with people through golf course architecture.

TFC: What time do you wake in the morning, and what time do you typically start the workday?
AP: I don't set an alarm clock. I wake up when my body is ready. I start working when I feel inspired. Some days it is before the sun rises and others days later.

TFC: What are key elements to leadership or to being a good leader?
AP: I believe true leadership is collaborative, not competitive. A competitive architect will grow incrementally, a collaborative architect will grow exponentially. Collaboration allows for a team to work toward the same goal and have their own viewpoint respected. 

Puerta Cortes — Pitch and Putt
The Piza Golf-designed pitch-and-putt course at the Puerta Cortes Resort near La Paz, Mexico.

TFC: What changes, if any, have you made based on the events of the past year?
AP: One change that stands out is with our design studio. To create a safe environment during the pandemic was paramount so we reworked the space so our staff feel safe and comfortable. 

TFC: What's the secret to your success?
AP: Perseverance, perseverance, and perseverance. It will outweigh and outlast talent on any day. Now, if you have perseverance and talent, you have the potential to be Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Cristiano Ronaldo in your given discipline. 

TFC: Who is your role model?
AP: I stopped having a role models as a whole around 20 years ago. At that time, I discovered that if I focused my admiration for someone's specific talent or skill, I can look up and admire the best athlete as well as the best shoe shiner or anybody who has a passion for his/her work in a unique way. When I learned to admire the skill set, I realized everybody is born with a special talent. Some are lucky to find that skill set and few others are as lucky as me to make a living out of my passion and skill or talent. 

TFC: Knowing what you know today, what professional advice would you give a younger you?
AP: I would tell my younger self to be more disciplined with saving money and investing. Other than this I am very happy with the lessons I have learned in the past 23 years. 

TFC: What’s the last book you read?
AP: "Xuenos" (Dreams) by Miguel Quintana Pali. 

TFC: What’s the last movie you saw?
AP: “Jojo Rabbit”

TFC: What’s on your playlist?
AP: Mainly British alternative. I've been listening to this genre of music since I was 12-years-old. 

TFC: When I’m not at work, you can find me …
AP: At the theatre.

TFC: What is your greatest extravagance?
AP: My IWC watch collection. 

TFC: What was your path to the golf industry?
AP: I started working for Paragon, a Jack Nicklaus Construction Company, in 1998 in Cabo — Palmilla and El Dorado. Then at Querencia, as a junior project manager, the first Tom Fazio golf course outside of the United States. 

TFC: What are the favorite golf courses you have played?
AP: Cypress Point, Pasatiempo, The Old Course, Cruden Bay, North Berwick, National Golf Links, Baltusrol, Olympic Course, Le National, Royal County Down, Ballybunion, Valderrama and Oitavos.

TFC: Which golf courses do you belong to (if you care to share)?
AP: El Tigre and Vidanta in Puerto Vallarta.