Get To Know: Mike Williams

Managing Director | Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort


Mike Williams, who serves as managing director of Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort in Palm Harbor, Fla., shares his thoughts on good leadership characteristics and what classic movie he never tires of watching. 

THE FIRST CALL: What is your handicap index?

TFC: What time do you wake in the morning, and what time do you typically start the workday?
MW: I typically rise at 6:30 a.m. … the day starts immediately looking at email and reports from the previous day.

TFC: What are key elements to leadership or to being a good leader?
MW: A good leader will share his vision for what needs to be accomplished, communicate that vision to the team and support them as they execute strategies and tactics. A good leader will help ordinary people deliver extraordinary results.

TFC: What changes, if any, have you made based on the events of the past year?
MW: Focusing on our core business model and delivering an exceptional resort experience to our members and guests.


TFC: What's the secret to success?
MW: Listening to your team, guests and members. They will tell you how you are doing. You must be a good listener.

TFC: Who is your role model?
MW: Bob Dirks, former brand and marketing head for Hilton Hotels. Not a day goes by when I don't say to myself, "What would Bob do in this situation?"

TFC: Knowing what you know today, what professional advice would you give a younger you?
MW: Be patient. This is not a sprint, in fact, it is a long way to the finish line.

TFC: What’s the last book you read?
MW: "Rage" by Bob Woodward.

TFC: What’s the last movie you saw?
MW: I watched "The Godfather.” I never grow tired of watching that classic from Francis Ford Coppola.

TFC: What’s on your playlist?
MW: Sinatra, Coldplay, Mozart, David Benoit.

TFC: When I’m not at work, you can find me … 
MW: Enjoying time with my wife, kids and grandson on the golf course. My wife and I enjoy cooking together.

TFC: What is your greatest extravagance?
MW: Building a wine collection and my Mercedes Benz CLS 550.

TFC: What was your path to the golf industry?
MW: Sales and marketing roles for golf resorts in Hilton Head Island, Boca Raton, Phoenix and Palm Harbor.

TFC: What are the favorite golf courses you have played?
MW: Riviera, Torrey Pines, Pebble Beach, Burning Tree, Medinah No. 3, Winged Foot, Harbour Town, Olympic, Congressional and Westchester.

TFC: Which golf courses do you belong to?
MW: Innisbrook Golf Club.