Golfzon leans into the social realm with new venues

Debut facility in New York uses company’s high-tech TwoVision simulators to help create an experience that goes well beyond game improvement

WEST NYACK, New York — When walking into the new Golfzon Social venue at Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York, it feels like entering an indoor all-ages playground. With over 21,000 square feet of space, 22 state-of-the-art TwoVision simulator bays, shuffle boards, cornhole, ping-pong, two walk-up bars and a multitude of lounge areas, there is less emphasis on the golf and more on gathering.

Golfzon might be the biggest golf company in the world that isn’t yet a household name in America. Based in South Korea, its award-winning simulators host more than 65 million rounds annually across 63 countries.

The company entrusted Troon to manage the rollout of its new entertainment venues in the U.S. To continue the momentum, there will be another Golfzon Social opening in Scarsdale, New York, later this spring. Although additional locations have not yet been announced, Golfzon confirmed there is an aggressive growth strategy to take the concept to other cities in the coming years.

20230219 Golfzon Family and Friends Event
Golfzon Social, which opened recently in West Nyack, New York, offers 22 TwinVision simulator bays to go along with various other recreational games, walk-up bars and a diverse menu.

“The New York Metropolitan area is renowned for its long history of being embedded in the game of golf,” says Zach Bromfield, general manager of Golfzon Social. “We want to be an extension of those legendary green grass facilities and help introduce even more players in a more fun and less intimidating environment.”

What sets Golfzon apart from its competitors is the technology of its simulators. The company bills its TwoVision model as the most technologically advanced golf simulator on the market. High speed cameras capture clubhead and ball flight data for realistic performance feedback and a 24-way directional moving swing plate recreates true stance and lie conditions. Furthermore, what should be most impressive for golfers with past simulator experience is the accuracy of the putting feature. For many simulators, putting is an afterthought, but TwoVision provides a feel that allows golfers to hit true strokes.

“We feel like we truly have the best of both worlds at Golfzon Social,” says Steve Howard, senior director of sales and marketing for Troon. “We certainly want to focus on being a relaxed enclave to help welcome new people to the game, but at the same time, there is no better place to work on your game with the most realistic technology in the world.”

With a stylish, energetic atmosphere and modern vibe, those golfers there just to work on their game  will certainly be distracted. To go along with the plethora of other activities onsite, there is a chef-driven menu, hand-crafted cocktails and craft beers. Not to mention, everywhere you look, there is a large flat-screen, so golf can be an afterthought since it's perfect for just hanging with friends and watching a game.

“There are not many indoor entertainment venues that make you feel like you’re in your buddy’s basement rather than one of the largest malls in the country,” Bromfield says. “From kid’s birthday parties to corporate happy hours, Golfzon Social is an outlet for all ages to come and enjoy time with friends and family.”

For those a little more serious about their games, league and tournament play lets golfers virtually compete around the world and a resident PGA Professional is available for guidance and lessons.

“We now live in an age where there are so many different tools to help golfers improve their game,” says Ben Mackey, regional general manager and resident PGA professional. “Golfzon technology allows our team to provide the most accurate feedback possible and make sure both casual and avid golfers are ready to take things outside.”

The sheer size of Golfzon Social leaves a lasting impact and it’s now one of the largest simulator entertainment venues in New York. The facility’s enormity allows customers to have a completely different experience each visit. The entrance sign reads, “the most social experience in golf,” and that is a hard statement to argue.