PGA Show Notebook: Here and there at Demo Day

The annual event was the first peek at the latest golf and lifestyle products, including Broken Tee craft vodka, Cobra Golf's Darkspeed driver and Bridgestone's Mindset visual-aid golf balls

WINTER GARDEN, Florida — Broken Tee craft vodka, the latest spirit with a golf twist, has hit the market in Florida and online.

Launched in November 2023 by owner and founder Chris Bishouty of Hollywood, Florida, his vodka is distilled seven times and carbon filtered for smoothness. Bishouty, who has a marketing background, was at the PGA Show Demo Day on Tuesday trying to get golf pros to stock his product with a catchy name and logo in their restaurant and bars.

Broken Tee.jpeg

"I love golf and I'm an avid golfer," he says about the name and logo behind his vodka. "It’s vodka for people who love golf. It's about embracing the colorful nature and camaraderie that golf is about. And it's about bringing everybody together under that umbrella. And when you're out there with your Sunday group, your Saturday group, your skins group, and you go into that 19th hole ... inevitably we would like to be there and everybody knows what our product is. We feel we have a spirit that embodies that."

Customers can order Broken Tee online for $40 per bottle, and there is a price break of $33 per bottle when two or more are purchased. Buying three bottles will kick in free shipping. Also, Bishouty has the ability to ship to 42 states.

Cool name and an even cooler look highlight Cobra Puma Golf’s new line of drivers, fairway woods and irons.

The Darkspeed lineup of Cobra clubs evolved over the past few years from the company’s refined aerodynamics and was released in retail stores Jan. 19.  

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 4.58.07 PM.png

"These are our fastest drivers that we've ever created," Cobra Puma rep Caitlin Farley says. "These drivers have tested and performed better than anything we've ever come out with before. So it's really exciting from not only a speed perspective, but also forgiveness perspective, too. These clubs have really aggressive looking aerodynamics. A lot of companies say they do aerodynamics. We feel that we've really kind of revolutionized the way that these drivers are shaped to, you know, get as much club speed as possible.”

The new Cobra driver comes in three different models and costs $549.

Farley says the company’s new LSS fairway wood uses titanium construction for the first time, also making it special.

"It has been really popular on Tour," she said of the $449 club. “Titanium allows us to save a ton of weight to help get as much speed and launch out of this club as possible. This thing is a beast. It’s a great option for somebody looking to replace a driver off the tee.”

The technology is advanced, but the first look makes an impression. 

"Yeah, with the Darkspeed we've really kind of honed in on that dark, sleek look that players seem to gravitate toward," Farley says. "You know, we look at a lot of things for inspiration like cars, aerospace, planes, jets, stealth bombers, items like that — and it's really kind of a unanimously loved design. It's basically designed to look as cool as possible and we're really excited the way that it positions Cobra as a more premium looking brand.”

Bridgestone Golf is offering players a little help mentally with its newly launched Mindset logo golf balls.

One of the industry's top golf ball producers is claiming that its new logo ball is a breakthrough approach that enables players to separate analytical thoughts from athletic performance.


On the opposite side of the Bridgestone logo on its four Tour B models is an arrow, two circles and a green dot that the company says will help golfers identify the target, visualize shot path and focus when putting.

"It's an alignment aid at first glance, and it's more technology when you get into the depths of it," Bridgestone Golf rep Jackson Foltz says.

The logo was developed by PGA Tour star Jason Day and his putting coach.

"We believe this will help every golfer kind of free up that athlete from the analytical side of your brain," Foltz says.

The new balls will be released in retail markets in February at $49.99 a dozen.

"Every ball manufacturer has an alignment aid. Nobody has a technology aid, and that's kind of what we're going with here," Foltz says. "A couple lines on the ball or something around the whole radius may look fancy, but does it really bring out the best in what's inside you?"

Golfers have an option to purchase the four Tour B models with or without the aid, and Foltz believes consumers will be split down the middle initially. "I wouldn't be surprised to see it go up to 75 percent [of golfers using the technology]," he says. "I mean, if people see success with it like we're seeing, I would not be surprised to see this dominate over our normal ball."