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PXG unveils 0211 Woods

Club manufacturer releases a new line of drivers, fairways and hybrids that is high performing and comes with an affordable price tag

PXG traditionally waits until it's got a product worth offering to the masses and that appears to be the case again with the unveiling of its new 0211 Woods, which includes drivers, fairways and hybrids.

WHAT THEY SAY: "With these sticks you get far more than you pay for. These golf clubs represent a well-researched design that strips away all distractions while employing top-quality materials and advanced technologies to help make the game easier and more enjoyable for golfers across the board." — Bob Parsons, PXG founder and CEO

> High-strength Ti412 face made of titanium alloy to generate significant face deflection and create ultra-fast ball speeds. Its variable face design features topographic geometries that help reduce mass and further maximize ball speeds.  
> Adjustable hosel. Loft can change by plus/minus 1.5 degrees to optimize trajectory.
> In place of moveable weight technology, 0211 woods feature a body design that optimizes the center-of-gravity position to create a high moment of inertia. It also improves sound and feel.

Fairways and Hybrids
> Feature an AM355 stainless-steel body material that yields strength of approximately 70% higher than 17-4 stainless steel, which is widely used by the majority of other golf club manufacturers.
> The hosels for the 0211 fairways and hybrids are fixed.

COST: PXG 0211 drivers ($299); PXG 0211 fairways and hybrids ($249).