Going Pro with Kelly O.

How to train for a World Long Drive championship

Host Kelly Okun interviews Alexis Belton about her World Long Drive wins, experiences

Host Kelly Okun speaks with Alexis Belton about her World Long Drive wins and travels.

Belton, a talented all-around athlete, discusses sport specialization and shares training tips to gain more distance or keep tee shots straighter under pressure.

One of Belton's biggest accomplishments, however, is her dedication to giving back to the game, and inspiring children to take up golf.

[2:25] How to train for World Long Drive
[3:30] When should you specialize in golf?
[7:00] World Long Drive highlights
[10:18] Building the grids
[13:38] Which driver does Alexis Belton use?
[17:48] How far does Alexis Belton drive the ball?
[20:22] Finding your "why" in golf