Going Pro with Kelly O.

Minami Levonowich's global view of golf

Host Kelly Okun interviews the London-born Speedgolf champion who has lived in five different countries, been a participant on five golf reality shows and competed on the Japan LPGA

Host Kelly Okun speaks with Minami Levonowich, 29, about her time on five different golf TV shows, including Cinderella Story — the Korean alternative to Big Break. Levonowich grew up playing all over the world, and those experiences have shaped her as an international golfer.

Levonowich won her first Speedgolf championship in Korea while representing Japan. Hear about the untapped potential of this sport in the U.S. as well as how players who have grown up in Asia have certain advantages they can leverage on the LPGA Tour.

Minami Levonowich competed on five golf TV shows, including Cinderella Story in Korea and speedgolf championships.

[2:15] Thoughts on attending a high school golf academy
[3:48] Qualifying for the Japan LPGA Tour
[6:35] Behind the scenes: Cinderella Story
[9:52] Playing in Asia vs. U.S.
[17:15] Speedgolf: Beginner to Expert
[25:55] How Speedgolf affects Levonowich's professional career
[31:20] What is Levonowich up to now?