Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Lydia Ko reflects on past, present and what's to come

Two-time major champion and 17-time LPGA winner, still just 25, joins host Ann Liguori to talk about a wide range of topics, including collaborating on her own golf shoe

Noted interviewer and sports talk show host Ann Liguori debuts "Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori" on The First Call Podcast Network with a series of interviews conducted throughout 2022.

The first is with two-time major champion Lydia Ko from Sept. 24, 2022. Ko talks candidly about the keys to her consistent season, what she's learned most about herself in the last few years, what keeps her going through the difficult on-course times on the links and her future goals.

[0:43] Keys to her consistent play this season
[2:45] Learning patience and not connecting her results in golf to her identity
[4:25] On being the youngest female to win a major
[6:24] About her custom golf shoe with Ecco Golf
[10:15] What she looks for in a quality golf show
[14:00] Life lessons in golf
[16:03] What keeps her going in difficult times
[18:00] There's no perfection in golf
[21:22] Her future goals in golf