Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Dottie Pepper still not shy with her opinions

Multiple major winner and current CBS golf analyst joins host Ann Liguori to discuss a full spectrum of topics that cover the breadth of Pepper's career

Dottie Pepper — Valero Texas Open
Dottie Pepper, left, interviews Kevin Chappell, who holds his son Wyatt, following the final round of the 2017 Valero Texas Open.

Dottie Pepper — a winner of 17 LPGA Tour titles and two majors, author, and lead on-course golf reporter for CBS Sports — has never shied away from being candid. And in a wide-ranging interview with "Golf Innerview" host Ann Liguori from August 27, 2022, Pepper continues with her thoughts on everything from her playing days to broadcasting to the game's future.

[0:48] Winning the Gold Tee Award at the 2022 Met Golf Writers National Awards Dinner in June
[1:13] Wanting to be a sports reporter when Pepper was growing up
[1:27] When golf entered the picture
[2:04] Her book, ‘'Letters to a Future Champion, My Time with Mr. Pulver'
[4:40] JoAnne Carner shooting her age at the 2022 U.S. Senior Women’s Open
[5:43] The PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf
[8:18] The PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program
[10:06] The decision to join LIV Golf being about values
[11:43] The threat of LIV Golf to the LPGA Tour
[13:06] Biggest adjustments Pepper had to make from a player to a broadcaster in golf
[15:22] Strangest thing that has happened to her while reporting on a golf tournament

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