Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Frank Nobilo looks back on the 2022 golf season

The 14-time tour winner and CBS Sports golf correspondent offers his opinions on topics ranging from LIV Golf to the depth of talent on all the tours

New Zealand's Frank Nobilo, 62, has been around the world a few times, so he's gained a global perspective through the years. A winner of 14 titles on five different tours, Nobilo joined host Ann Liguori to discuss a range of topics that, well, span the globe.

In this continuing series of looking back at players and events throughout 2022, Nobilo joined Liguori on Sept. 11.

[0:53] Expecting top players on the PGA Tour to support its tour.
[3:50] On the four different players who won 2022's majors under the age of 30.
[4:55] On the changing of the guard.
[5:43] Thoughts on LIV Golf ("If you have to pay people to come to your party, then maybe it’s not the best party," Nobilo says).
[8:41] Where is the return on the investment?
[10:29] About playing in meaningful competitions.
[12:06] On the depth of women’s "global" tour.

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