Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Alan Shipnuck opens up on his infamous Phil Mickelson call

Host Ann Liguori interviews the author of 'Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) Biography of Golf's Most Colorful Superstar' and unpacks the book's fallout

In November 2021, noted journalist Alan Shipnuck received a call from Phil Mickelson that, intertwined with the arrival of LIV Golf, led to one of the biggest stories in early 2022.

In this continuing series of looking back at players and events that shaped 2022, Shipnuck joined "Golf Innerviews with Ann Liguori" on May 14.

Shipnuck, co-creator of The Fire Pit Collective, goes in depth about Mickelson, the unauthorized biography, LIV Golf and the ramifications of all aspects.

[1:14] The extent of Alan Shipnuck’s research for the biography
[2:20] The book's balance — writing the good, bad about Phil Mickelson
[3:38] Mickelson being the "epitome of contradiction"
[5:40] Mickelson's history of questionable antics through the years
[7:07] Mickelson being an "agent of change"
[8:49] Shipnuck’s reaction to Mickelson's phone call to him in November 2021 and Mickelson's lawyer trying to hire Shipnuck to be a consultant regarding media rights
[10:13] Shipnuck saying Mickelson "had an agenda" when he called him
[10:22] Whether Shipnuck taped the phone call from Mickelson
[11:30] "Saudis bought their way into the game, for better or for worse," says Shipnuck
[12:48] What Shipnuck believes really got Mickelson in trouble
[13:26] Whether Shipnuck thinks Mickelson was sober when he called
[14:33] Shipnuck: "Not my role to provide guardrails"
[16:00] Considering not publishing Mickelson's damaging quotes
[20:00] Reaction to Mickelson saying his comments were "off the record"
[24:30] Mickelson's reported gambling losses
[27:15] Can Mickelson transform his image?

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