Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Why singer Steve Azar's life could be a country song

Singer / songwriter joins host Ann Liguori to discuss his musical career and how golf fits into the equation

Steve Azar, a noted country, blues and rock singer, songwriter and producer, joins "Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori" to talk about his hit songs, the extreme ups and downs of his musical career, and how golf played a major role in his success. Azar been ranked as high as No. 4 on Golf Digest‘s list of the Top 100 Musicians Who Golf.

This interview previously aired on Nov. 11, 2022.

[1:25] Being honored at the ALF Charity Classic
[2:00] On writing Mississippi's official song, "One Mississippi," to commemorate the state’s bicentennial anniversary
[7:42] How golf made his career happen
[10:31] The tragedies within in his band and blaming himself
[12:50] How his golf buddies impacted his career
[15:27] Being an all-around athlete growing up
[17:24] When he decided music would be his life and having “no plan B”
[19:39] When he got his big break in the music industry
[23:00] On his hit single "I Don’t Have To Be Me ('til Monday)"
[27:23] How his life changed after moving from Nashville back to Mississippi
[28:48] On his other hit, "Sunshine (Everybody Needs A Little)," and Taylor Swift saying it was her favorite song of the year in 2010

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