Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

How to take care of your vision for golf

Sports vision optometrist Dr. Graham Erickson joins host Ann Liguori with suggestions on how to protect your eyes and improve your vision

As golfers, we're conditioned to make sure we have 14 clubs in the bag. Make sure our shoes have traction. That we have enough balls and tees. Perhaps, we make sure to put on sunscreen.

But what about our eyes? What are we doing to protect and improve our vision? Yes, sunglasses are a good start, but what else?

Dr. Graham Erickson, a noted sports vision optometrist, joins "Golf Innerview" host Ann Liguori to discuss ways to protect our eyes and even improve our vision.

[1:04] Why athletes should not take vision for granted
[2:20] Baseball legend Ted Williams being able to see the lines on a fastball
[4:13] Vision of top level golfers exceed other elite athletes
[5:32] What athletes should be doing to protect their vision and enhance sports performance
[7:11] Sunglass lenses that are most effective for golfers — neutral gray filters the best
[11:01] Nutrients that protect vision and enhance performance, help with contrast, responsd to glare, and help recovery from excessive sunlight
[12:24] Supplement suggestions
[14:58] Judging contrast is key for putting
[15:29] Defining visual features for golf
[16:11] MPOD readings — what are they and what scores are optimal
[17:25] What Padraig Harrington, Colin Montgomerie and Major League Baseball players are saying about supplements to improve vision
[28:00] Breakthrough in visual performance with golfers

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