Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Bob Casper recalls another side of his father, Billy Casper

Radio co-host joins 'Golf Innerview' host Ann Liguori to talk about the three-time major champion, including the 1970 Masters, and storylines to expect at Augusta National

Bob Casper, co-host of "Real Golf" and son of three-time major champion Billy Casper, joins "Golf Innerview" host Ann Liguori to discuss growing up in the Casper family, Masters picks, LIV Golf members playing in the Masters, and why he thinks his father was under appreciated.

[1:15] Where Bob Casper was when his father Billy won the 1970 Masters
[2:43] Growing up as one of Billy Casper’s 11 children
[4:09] Bob Casper's professional golf career
[5:15] On his father’s love for the family
[6:20] Biggest lesson learned from his father
[7:12] Bob Casper's own priority on family, and having his son and grandson at Augusta National this week
[8:26] Memories of being at the Masters
[9:09] On his father thinking he was under-appreciated while at the top of his game
[10:00] Why his father did not get the same attention as the "Big Three" — Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus
[11:44] Picks for the 2023 Masters
[16:42] Thoughts on Utah’s own Tony Finau
[20:00] Criticism of LIV Golf
[24:00] Phil Mickelson becoming irrelevant 
[26:00] The Casper family’s relationship with the King of Morocco and the royal family

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