Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Liberated Gary McCord lets loose with his opinions

Longtime golf analyst joins 'Golf Innerview' host Ann Liguori to tell of his new YouTube podcast, his time at CBS, the Masters, 'bikini wax' and the impact of LIV Golf

For 30-plus years Gary McCord was a fixture on CBS Sports' golf telecasts. His wit and wisdom made him hugely popular, but CBS didn't pick up his two-year option in 2019.

McCord, though, is back with fellow former CBS analyst Peter Kostis on the "Off Their Rockers" YouTube podcast. McCord joins the "Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori" podcast to share stories from his years at CBS, his opinions on the PGA Tour’s new schedule in 2024, LIV Golf and more.

[1:15] Gary McCord's new podcast, "Off Their Rockers," with co-host Peter Kostis on YouTube
[2:16] McCord: Being let go from CBS "did me a huge favor"
[4:20] Hosting his own podcast is quite "liberating"
[5:38] Backstory of what got him fired from covering the Masters
[9:45] Thoughts on whether if he made the Augusta National greens "bikini wax" comment more recently, would it have been acceptable on the broadcast
[11:43] Having less freedoms now on air to say anything
[12:20] How McCord first connected with CBS Sports and became a golf commentator
[16:59] McCord perusing magazines during commercial breaks looking for words to use during broadcasts
[18:40] Thoughts on the dramatic Masters finish, Brooks Koepka and Jon Rahm
[20:11] Thoughts on Koepka saying he seemed "in the darkness" during the "Full Swing" Netflix episode that Koepka was featured in and how it was a "a really good look into the psyche of a golfer who has lost his way"
[22:25] Phil Mickelson’s incredible play at the Masters and whether McCord has a problem with LIV Golfers doing so well at the Masters
[23:25] Mickelson perking up and talking to the media after he shot a 7-under 65 in the Masters' final round
[23:57] McCord: The PGA Tour players "should be thanking Phil" for the increased prize money
[25:00] The PGA Tour’s designated tournaments and increased prize money
[26:57] A shift on the PGA Tour in terms of number of competitors, and how will it affect the Tour
[29:00] McCord advocating to expand the Tour back in the 1980s, his meeting with then Commissioner Deane Beman and now "going in the opposite direction"
[31:40] The PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf
[31:57] McCord: "The Masters got high ratings for one reason — LIV”
[32:30] What McCord has yet to do at the age of 75

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