Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Alex Beach becoming a PGA Championship regular

PGA Assistant Professional joins host Ann Liguori to talk about his five-year qualifying streak and the obstacles he has faced along the way

Alex Beach, 33, is something of an old pro when it comes to the PGA Championship. Beach, a PGA Assistant Professional at Westchester Country Club in Harrison, New York, has qualified for his fifth successive PGA Championship and talks to "Golf Innerview" host Ann Liguori about all that he has had to overcome physically through the years.

[1:00] Alex Beach qualifying for a fifth successive PGA Championship and sixth overall
[1:52] Humble beginnings and a special week for PGA Professionals who qualify
[2:19] His expectations for the PGA Championship
[3:30] Having a day job as a teaching professional at Westchester Country Club and how he manages to play competitively enough to stay sharp
[5:40] How he qualified for this year’s PGA Championship
[10:20] Beach on health issues, including a blood clot in his leg in 2016
[12:59] What he learned from the health scare
[13:55] What he knows about Oak Hill Country Club and how it fits his style of play
[16:02] Difference between PGA Professionals and the regular Tour players

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