Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

The art and zen of learning golf

PGA of America Hall of Fame instructor Michael Hebron joins host Ann Liguori to discuss his unique teaching style

Noted instructor Michael Hebron merged art and zen into a book about learning better golf. It boils down to a process.

The PGA of America Hall of Fame instructor, who has authored five instructional books, joins "Golf Innerview" host Ann Liguori to discuss this effective way of teaching and learning the game.
[1:23] What prompted Michael Hebron to study the learning process of golf
[2:31] On taking workshops at Harvard University and UCLA to better understand how the brain works
[5:37] Takeaways for golfers of all ability levels 
[7:23] Understanding the fundamentals of the golf swing before visualizing swinging the club
[8:10] Always swing to a target
[8:49] Stay inside your feet, so the body doesn’t sway
[10:19] Golf is a life-long learning process 
[10:41] Hebron's personal career highlights
[12:02] Staying in the present

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