Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

A look at Italy's one-of-a-kind course

Ottavio Coppola, golf manager at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort, joins host Ann Liguori to talk about the country's lone PGA National course — and Italy, as well

Ottavio Coppola, golf manager at Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort,
has a job unlike any other in Italy because the course is unlike any other in the country. The resort, located in Porto Ercole, features Italy's only PGA National course, one of 10 worldwide.

Coppola joins "Golf Innerview" host Ann Liguori to discuss host the unique Tuscany region course, the course’s design and environmental sustainability, and how Italy will benefit from having hosted the Ryder Cup.

[0:57] Ottavio Coppola on the resort's location
[1;51] On the resort’s proximity to Rome, Italy
[2:20] Being located on the peninsula and the year-round mild temperatures
[3:50] The distinction of being Italy’s only PGA National golf course
[5:30] The course’s environmental sustainability, which offers all natural products, no chemicals
[6:49] How the course's irrigation is derived from rain and the lake
[7:24] The differences between the front and back nine holes
[8:35] How the course plays seven different ways based on the wind direction
[8:45] What it means for golf in Italy to hosted the 2023 Ryder Cup
[9:54] On Marco Simone, the course that hosted the Ryder Cup
[10:35] Italy's climate and food
[11:17] Why golf is becoming more popular in Italy
[12:00] On more juniors playing golf in Italy

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