Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

How shot tracking is improving the game

Shot Scope CCO Gavin Dear joins host Ann Liguori to talk about the benefits of the technology and how his company is carving out its niche

One of the easiest ways to improve your golf game is through data. Statistics as simple as the number of putts for a round or fairways hit in regulation can lead to significant changes if processed properly.

And, today, there is no shortage of shot tracking technology available. Shot Scope is positioning itself as a leader in this area, and company chief commercial officer Gavin Dear joins host Ann Liguori to talk about the benefits of its products.

Dear, a former U.K. Walker Cup player, also discusses his amateur career, how amateurs can improve from shot tracking data and whether there is a place for rangefinders in the professional game. 

[1:04] Gavin Dear discusses the company's 2014 founding in Edinburgh, Scotland
[1:50] Dear discusses his 2009 Walker Cup experience
[3:09] Being a teammate of Tommy Fleetwood on the 2009 Walker Cup team
[5:59] How rangefinder technology has evolved through the years
[6:56] Shot Scope’s variety of shot-tracking technology
[10:14] Data amateurs can utilize to improve their games
[11:41] On attaching tags to clubs for improved shot tracking
[12:51] Why golf watches are one of the fastest growing segments of the technology in the U.S.
[15:00] The Shot Scope L2 rangefinder
[15:54] Should players and caddies be allowed to use rangefinders more often?
[17:45] Do professional caddies find using rangefinders to be an advantage?
[20:29] Specific data amateurs use
[22:47] Interactive features of the technology
[23:48] Does the technology speed up pace of play?

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