Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

How Anthony Netto is changing adaptive golf

Paraplegic and master golf instructor joins host Ann Liguori to discuss the benefits of the VertaCat, an all-terrain mobility rider

Anthony Netto is co-founder of VertaCat, an all-terrain mobility rider that gives paralyzed or physically challenged golfers a sit-to-stand experience.

Netto, a paraplegic and master golf instructor, joins Ann Liguori to discuss the benefits of the VertaCat for the adaptive golf community.

[1:40} Anthony Netto shares his story — how he became paralyzed and deals with multiple sclerosis, and why he’s helping others connect to golf
[5:14] How and why the VertaCat was developed for the adaptive community
[7:18] Netto describes the features of the VertaCat and the benefit of standing to prevent bed sores
[8:40] The VertaCat's design .
[10:37] How the VertaCat can be adjusted to any person’s size
[11:15] On how the VertaCat separates itself from other vehicles in the adaptive community
[12:21] How playing golf can help save lives, particularly veterans who are paralyzed
[15:35] On Netto being a master golf professional as a paralyzed golfer 
[16:20] On adaptive golfer Max Togisala using the VertaCat and winning the 2023 U.S. Adaptive Open's seated division
[18:31] On the impact the VertaCat has made in the adaptive golf community
[20:33} VertaCat's impact beyond golf
[21:52] Netto's Stand Up and Play Foundation
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