Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

Caddie Joe LaCava talks golf — and he's got plenty of stories

Longtime looper joins host Ann Liguori to talk about his deep appreciation of working for Fred Couples and Tiger Woods

[1:54] Joe LaCava describes the feeling of driving down Magnolia Lane to caddie in the Masters
[2:40] LaCava appreciates these years as a caddie more now that he is older — especially at the Masters
[4:05] LaCava's favorite part of being in the center of the golf universe while caddying at the Masters?
[5:14] From what vantage point does he view the Masters' Par 3 competition?
[5:54] Tiger Woods' road leading up to the 2019 Masters. "There were dark moments and doubts for both of us," LaCava says
[9:39] Woods' mindset starting that Masters' final round, two shots behind Francesco Molinari
[12:00] Woods' opening nine in the 2019 Masters final round and where he gave himself a pep talk
[13:45] What LaCava was thinking on the 11th green as he saw the theatrics on No. 12
[16:02] When LaCava knew the 2019 Masters was Woods' to win
[16:47] On Woods taking a one-shot lead
[18:13] A calmness LaCava saw in Woods that he had not seen before
[19:26] Woods' tee shot on No. 17 during the final round of the 2019 Masters
[20:33] Knowing when Woods had it locked up winning the 2019 Masters
[21:22] LaCava's emotions after Woods won that improbable 2019 Masters
[24:01] Caddying for Patrick Cantlay
[25:17] Would he have preferred Cantlay play more prior to the Masters
[26:20] What it's like caddying for Cantlay compared to others
[27:10] Whether reading greens comes from experience or is one born with the talent?
[28:22] On his long career as a caddie

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