Golf Innerview with Ann Liguori

The tale of Carne Golf Club's comeback

General manager Fiona Togher and club chariman Gerry Maguire talk with host Ann Liguori about how the western Ireland club took a beating during the pandemic and now is thriving

Carne Golf Club, located in Belmullet, Ireland, enjoys a thriving international membership that helped turn its fortunes around through the pandemic. General manager Fiona Togher and club chairman Gerry Maguire join "Golf Innerview" podcast host Ann Liguori to talk about the club's resurgence.

[1:31] Where Carne Golf Club is located in western Ireland
[2:03] The course's dunescape topography
[3:06] Fiona Togher's role as an award-winning general manager
[4:00] About the original nine-hole design by renowned Irish architect Eddie Hackett and about the opening of the other two nines
[6:23] How Carne overcame tough economic times and then survived COVID, which devastated business at the time
[9:00] Togher on keeping a diary as to how the pandemic affected Ireland and Carne
[10:00] How the global golf community bought lifetime memberships during the pandemic and saved Carne Golf Club
[13:51] Belmullet has a population of roughly 2,000 people and the town is thriving because of Carne Golf Club’s success and community effort
[14:50] On actors Bill Murray and Ed Burns visiting Carne Golf Club
[15:38] Developing 10 links cottages on the property
[16:27] Highlights of International Members Week
[17:08] Former Prime Minister Enda Kenny spoke at International Members Week
[17:38] The future of Carne Golf Club with the 2025 Open Championship being staged at nearby Royal Portrush

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