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The Professional Golf Teachers Association of America (PGTAA) and JC Video Systems have joined forces

Specializing in video analysis for golf instructors since 1992, JC Video Systems now joins forces with PGTAA to offer special discounts to all PGTAA members

87% of everything you learn is through visualization – using your phone to capture video and email your coach for an on line lesson review has become the new normal. Super easy for coaches to download swing clips and perform a full review of the swing will all the drawing tools and professional examples needed.

According to Mark Connell, president of JC Video Systems, “Using JC Video on line, internet lesson services by our professionals, have seen 200% to 500% increase in on-line lessons. Some instructors have setup completely new websites with online portals to communicate and deliver lesson reviews, online content, post drills and send up to 2,000 newsletters monthly using our free newsletter service. Our web services include role based memberships which will control access to content per user and automated sign up”.

For private use our Pro-Sync is incredibly effective as it compares your swing with any model in the library on screen auto repeating with your swing in a side-by-side mode all done automatically. Seeing every intricate detail in full HD at Super high frame rates gives you all the information you need to make the adjustments to increase performance and improve your ability.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to work with a truly dedicated teaching group and know we can enhance the lesson experience for the instructor and student alike”, said Mark Connell.

“JC Video Systems has a host of products dedicated to the golf instructor which include Camera Systems / Complete Golf Studios / lesson scheduling / webhosting and design / lesson uploads… select from our most basic offerings to a full turnkey studio and hosted solution. Our HD camera system shoots at over 200fps and can simultaneously record 2 cameras at 200fps and an additional impact cam at 2000fps. See impact crystal clear every capture”, according to Mark Connell.

JC Video Systems has just released their entirely new motion analysis software platform written from the ground up on the latest 64bit platform. Highlighting a few of their new features as well as their standard auto capture – auto repeat from the sound of impact.

New to the software: Prosync, automatically compares you and a pro at the same time, Practice Mode, On-line database with over 2100 example swings, Impact Cam - runs at 2000fps, new cutting edge line tools, Dynamic Impact Mode – (Slows down replay through impact automatically) Variable Slow motion speeds, Auto Sync video replay when video is shot at different frame rates, Adjustable video split for comparison, all new SQL Database – sort, filter, drag and drop saving of clips, Touch Screen friendly, email lesson video to student, 8 frame sequence printout in Hi Res format, lesson timer, and more, more, more!

Developed from JC Video System’s experience in providing services to teaching professionals for the past 30 years, they have written an easy to use program that keeps the focus on the lesson and delivers a fantastic experience for the instructor with minimal intervention. Just launch the software and begin the lesson, the software automatically captures, replays the swing slowing down through impact then resuming normal slow motion for every shot. Super easy, super effective, hands free!

JC Video Systems' motion-analysis system captures your swing and with our custom lighting package gives you super high speed crystal-clear replay without motion blurr at 200 frames per second. See it, learn it, improve you game.

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