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Inntopia releases custom booking confirmations platform with dynamic content, upsell capabilities

Inntopia's Next-Gen Confirmations, a reliable, high-performance solution, is available to all hotels and resorts

Booking confirmations are among the most opened, most saved, and most critically important messages that hotels and resorts send to their guests. Yet despite the potential they hold, for most marketers confirmations are a much larger source of frustration or anxiety than they are sources of revenue or satisfaction.

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Inntopia’s ability to accurately merge data from PMS/POS platforms and then turn that data into dynamic, effective email campaigns have made Marketing Cloud the go-to platform for all sorts of lifecycle campaigns including confirmations. But instead of resting on our laurels, the Marketing Cloud engineering team behind the scenes has been hard at work building, refining, and expanding what is possible with confirmations.

Today, Inntopia is excited to introduce Inntopia Next-Gen Confirmations: a reliable, high-performance solution that is now available to all hotels and resorts. Here’s what Inntopia’s Director of Customer Insights, Kurt Kinscherf, said about this tool.

“Our ability to combine guest behavior with dynamic content is the best in the industry, but where this functionality truly shines is confirmations. These messages are full of potential but are frequently the source of frustration. Our Next-Gen Confirmations unlock that potential and remove the headaches from the process.”

By combining Inntopia’s famous data aggregating and cleansing abilities with a decade of experience helping resorts send over 2 billion emails, Next-Gen Confirmations are both extremely reliable and totally customizable. Any content block – imagery, policies,
amenities, upsells, etc. – can be dynamically generated based on what is known about the recipient.

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Additionally, Next-Gen Confirmations feature a custom Confirmations Dashboard that makes it easy to monitor each confirmation email that has been sent, who it was sent to, and quickly resend messages as needed even if they need to be delivered to a different address.

Brian Elliott, Inntopia’s Director of Digital, had this to say.

“It’s incredible that in 2020 we are still hearing about hotels spending chunks of their day resending confirmations. Our solution doesn’t just solve those problems, it adds even more layers of customization and management to transform these messages from a pain point into a huge opportunity.”

Inntopia Next-Gen Confirmations are also integrated with the rest of Inntopia Marketing Cloud’s lifecycle messaging suite so transactional, marketing, loyalty, and other guest communications can be managed from a single location.


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