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L.A.B. Golf announces 2 new broomstick putters, DF 2.1 Long and B.2 Long

The fully optimized long putters are created with Lie Angle Balance, L.A.B. Golf’s patented technology that removes torque from the putter head to help golfers make more putts

L.A.B. Golf introducing DF 2.1 Long putter

RENO, NEVADA -- L.A.B. Golf has launched two new Broomstick putters: DF 2.1 Long and B.2 Long. The fully optimized long putters are created with Lie Angle Balance, L.A.B. Golf’s patented technology that removes torque from the putter head to help golfers make more putts.

“The golf industry has abandoned golfers who use long putters,” says L.A.B. Golf CEO Sam Hahn. “The golfers who use long putters love their long putters, and many of them have found themselves without anywhere to turn. We knew we could help these golfers make putting more fun with Lie Angle Balance, and we wanted to create something just for them.”

DF 2.1 Long and B.2 Long are customizable to a wide range of lengths and lie angles. Like L.A.B. Golf’s standard-length putters, they’re hand balanced one at a time by craftsmen at the company’s headquarters in Reno, Nevada. Both DF 2.1 Long and B.2 Long putter heads are produced entirely in the United States.

In developing the DF 2.1 Long and B.2 Long putter heads, L.A.B. Golf spent more than 18 months testing the putters with long-time broomstick users. The sound and feel of the putters have been tuned specifically for longer-length putters.

DF 2.1 Long

L.A.B. Golf DF 2.1 Long putter

DF 2.1 Long offers extreme forgiveness with an ultra-stable, oversize mallet design that maximizes consistency on off-center hits. It is precision milled from aerospace aluminum with a design that includes strategically positioned weights in the sole of the putter. These weights allow L.A.B. Golf craftsmen to customize the Lie Angle Balance and head weight of the putter to a golfer’s needs.

DF 2.1 Long is available in three durable anodized finishes (Black, Red, Blue), as well as L.A.B. Golf’s new ultra-durable Electroless Nickel-Plated Finish. Golfers can customize their DF 2.1 Long with 36 different alignment markings. Pricing starts at $525.

D.A.B. Golf introducing B.2 Long

B.2 Long
B.2 Long is L.A.B. Golf’s minimalist blade-style putter for golfers who prefer a pure experience.

D.A.B. Golf B.2 Long shaft options

Compared to the standard-length B.2, the size of the putter head is 20% larger to meet the needs of Broomstick users.

B.2 Long is available in two different metals: Stainless Steel and Brass. Golfers have the choice of four different alignment markings, as well as three different face finishes. Pricing starts at $525.

Upgrade Shafts
With the DF 2.1 Long and B.2 Long, L.A.B. Golf is also launching an all-new upgrade shaft designed specifically for Broomstick putters with Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT).

The BGT Stability Shaft Long ($235 upcharge) is created with the same technologies as the company’s wildly popular Stability Shaft and is available in lengths up to 48 inches.

L.A.B. Golf Broomstick putters are also available with the LAGP 180 putter shaft in black and white ($235 upcharge).

No-upcharge shafts for DF 2.1 Long and B.2 Long include the KBS Ski Pole (Black) and True Temper Ski Pole (Chrome).

Remote Fitting, In-Store Availability
Golfers can determine their L.A.B. Golf putter specifications with a free Remote Fitting, a process that connects golfers with a L.A.B. Golf fitter over email or phone to confirm the ideal putter length and lie angle.

A long putter is not necessary to be fit for a long putter. To learn more about L.A.B. Golf’s approach to broomsticks, read this article.

L.A.B. Golf putters are also available at Authorized Retailers across the world, including PGA Tour SuperStore and select Club Champion and Cool Clubs locations. Locate a L.A.B. Golf Authorized Retailer near you here.

About L.A.B. Golf
Rolling a golf ball into a hole shouldn’t be complicated. Yet for golfers around the world, putting is the most challenging part of the game. L.A.B. Golf was created to simplify things. The company believes it’s possible for all golfers to be excited about putting.

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