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Tour Edge announces Hot Launch 521 Extreme /Competition Spec Game Improvement fairway metals

New Houdini Sole goes to the extreme, Diamond Face comes to Hot Launch

This week, Tour Edge announced the launch of two new Tour Edge Hot Launch series designed to cover both ends of the Game Improvement golf club spectrum.

Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 fairway woods

The Hot Launch E521 Series covers Extreme Spec Game Improvement, while the Hot Launch C521 Series provides Competition Spec Game Improvement models.

Both unique lines of E and C Series feature different shapes, specs and shafts with separate driver, fairway metal, hybrid and iron designs.

In all, 46 different lofts of clubs in right-handed clubs and 20 lofts in left-handed models are covered in this massive launch by Tour Edge.

Today, the surging Illinois-based company is unveiling the two Hot Launch 521 Fairway Metals and the two Hot Launch 521 Hybrids behind this innovative thinking.

· The E Series are Extreme Spec game Improvement designs that boast a super-low Center of Gravity (CG), super-shallow faces, offset designs and extremely light premium shafts designed to get the ball launching in the air with ease for slower to mid-tempo swing speed players.

· The C Series features premium, state-of-the-art Competition Spec designs with a higher M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia) in classically shaped clubs that sit square at address, but that provide medium+ swing speeds the ability to launch the ball easily and with added forgiveness and power across the face.

“The two new Hot Launch 521 fairways represent everything we’ve learned as one of the leading fairway wood manufacturers, but there’s also great deal of new innovation here,” said Glod. “We have invested heavily in R&D over the last few years. We now have the best swing robot, best CAD systems and new engineers with a ton of experience on the design team.”

Both new series of Hot Launch feature a brand-new look with a sleek all-black PVD finish.

“We put all of these resources into studying the Game Improvement sector and how we could raise the bar while targeting specific player needs and preferences,” said Glod.

The new premium Hot Launch 521 Fairway Metals will be available globally on November 1, 2020.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 521 E series 3,5,7,9,11 woods

Hot Launch E521 Fairway Metals (Extreme Spec)
The Extreme Game Improvement Hot Launch E521 Fairway Metal offers the game-changing Houdini Sole in conjunction with a super-shallow face, slice-fighting offset designs, and heel weighting for added draw bias. The 17-4 stainless-steel E521 fairway features a thinner and lighter forged steel crown that increases ball speed for increased power creation and the ultimate in ease of use.

Houdini Sole Technology - The raised steel mass area of the Houdini Sole at the rear of the clubhead reduces the amount of area on the sole that interacts with the turf to reduce drag. The Houdini Sole includes an area of mass concentrated on the extreme trailing edge of the sole of the clubhead, as well as a curved leading edge under the face.

The Houdini design element has proven to be one of the most effective technologies at getting balls out of tough lies by reducing turf interaction by 35%. This leads to significantly less “duffs” caused by hitting up on the ball and hitting the turf at a lower point before the ball.

“When it comes to the E Series fairways and hybrids, the Houdini Sole becomes a complete life-saver from tight and tough lies,” said Glod. “This is your get out of jail free card for the golf course.”

The Houdini Sole was instrumental in significantly altering the CG placement of the Hot Launch E521 fairway. The CG is 23% lower and 6% further back than the previous Hot Launch fairways, making E Series the highest launching and easiest-to-hit fairway wood Tour Edge has produced.

Heel Weighted, Offset/Shallow Cup Face, High Loft Designs - The super-shallow Cup Face design in the Hot Launch E521 Fairway produces higher launch angles and extreme ease of launch. The lofts offered in the E Series are higher than standard Game Improvement clubs on the market, including a 7, 9 and 11-wood.

The strategically placed heel draw-bias weighting of the E Series offset designs are engineered to help golfers avoid the right side of the course and to increase launch conditions. The face was designed to be 8% shallower than the previous Hot Launch iteration.

Control Length Shaft Technology - Control Length Shaft Technology is optimized shorter shaft lengths that were designed specifically for the E Series metals to greatly improve accuracy and control, as well as to max out Smash Factor ratings.

Smash Factor is the measure of the amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball. The higher the Smash Factor, the greater the energy transfer.

The 3-wood shaft length of 42.5” is a half inch to one inch shorter compared to the standard in the industry. The Control Length shaft system leads to more players hitting the center of the clubface that led to better overall driving stats.

Premium Mitsubishi Fubuki Shaft - The Hot Launch E521 Fairway Metal comes stock with a super-light FUBUKI metalwood shaft by Mitsubishi Chemical that ranges from 45 grams to 55 grams depending on the flex.

The extremely light FUBUKI metalwood shafts feature lower kick points and lower cycles per minute frequencies that promise to help players achieve maximum velocity and to fight the fade to produce a longer and straighter shots with a slightly drawn ball flight.

Pound for Pound, Nothing Comes Close - The Hot Launch E521 Fairway Metal will retail for $149.99 and is covered by Tour Edge’s industry leading lifetime warranty.

Available Lofts in Right-Handed: 16° 3-wood, 20° 5-wood, 23° 7-wood, 25° 9-wood, 27° 11-wood

Available Lofts in Left-handed: 16° 3-wood, 20° 5-wood, 23° 7-wood

Stock Shaft: Mitsubishi Fubuki HD (45-gram L-Flex, 50-gram A-Flex, 50-gram Regular Flex, 55-gram Stiff Flex)

Grip: Lamkin Z5 Rubber available in Undersize, Standard and Midsize.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 521 C Series 3 wood with driver headcover

Hot Launch C521 Fairway Metals (Competition Spec)
The Competition Spec Hot Launch C521 Fairway Metal is for the player seeking optimal launch and spin rates withmodern-classic-style designs, while still enjoying the benefits of extreme ease of use and high M.O.I. properties that will tighten dispersion and increase overall accuracy.

The C521 fairway metals are constructed of 17-4 stainless steel and feature a thinner and lighter forged steel crown that increases clubhead speed for the ultimate in power creation.

Diamond Face/ Cup Face Technology - The C Series fairway also features Diamond Face technology with 29 different thick and thin diamond shapes behind the face of the metals for an enhanced sweet spot. Different variables of thick and thin diamond shapes or “mini-trampolines” behind the face produce a hotter face with faster ball speeds.

Previously, only Tour Edge Exotics clubs featured the Diamond Face innovation.

“To be able to take an amazing innovation like Diamond Face that changed the level of what we produced with Exotics EXS and to be able to bring it over to Hot Launch is a huge deal for the performance characteristics of these clubs,” said Glod. “This is going to help a lot of golfers gain speed and power.”

The deeper Cup Face design provides more contact points on the face that results in longer off-center hit distance.

High Moment of Inertia/Rear Sole Weighting - More weight in the rear sole, created by the new weight in the extreme back of the clubhead, moves the CG deep in the head for extremely high M.O.I. properties.

This farther back rear sole weight placement delivers a 6% increase in M.O.I. over the previous HL4 Fairway Metal. The back weight also affects the CG positioning of the club, with a 9% lower CG and a 6% farther back CG.

This precise CG positioning creates increased launch angles, apex heights, hang time and overall distance.

Acoustic Engineering - As with the C Series driver, Acoustic Ribbing Channels on the inside of the fairway help create upgraded acoustic engineering properties by enriching the sound and feel of the club head.

Power Channel -A 25% deeper Power Channel on the sole behind the face creates better weight distribution and increased face flexing. The Power Channel delivers amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face.

Premium Aldila Rogue Shaft - The mid-high launch, mid-spin Aldila Rogue shaft was chosen for the Hot Launch C Series after extensive testing with Tour Edge’s one-of-a-kind swing robot T.E.D. (Tour Edge Development).

Aldila Rogue shafts are high-end performers that have won numerous times on professional tours around the world. They are known for an even release for players that like a smooth, active feel by using advanced, high-modulus graphitic carbon fibers.

Pound for Pound, Nothing Comes Close - The Hot Launch C521 Fairway Metal will retail for $149.99 and is included in Tour Edge’s unprecedented 48-hour custom fitting delivery program featured at over 850 fitting locations in the United States and globally.

Available Lofts in Right-Handed: 15-degree 3-Wood, 17-degree 4-wood, an 18-degree 5-wood and a 22-degree 7-wood.

Stock Shaft: Aldila Rogue (50-gram L-Flex, 50-gram A-Flex, 60-gram Regular-Flex, 60-gram Stiff Flex and 60-gram X-Flex)

Grip: Lamkin Z5 Rubber available in Undersize, Standard and Midsize.

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