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New 'Breaking Bad Habits' series strives to correct golfers' worst on-course playing habits

Must-watch instruction series premieres today, exclusively on GolfPass

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Elite Instructor Martin Chuck Helps Golfers Create New, Better Habits to Lower Their Scores

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ORLANDO, Fla. (Dec. 3, 2020) – GolfPass continues its quest to help golfers lower their scores with the newest season of Breaking Bad Habits streaming today. Next up, elite instructor Martin Chuck leaves the practice tee and heads straight for the golf course to help golfers overcome their worst playing habits.

Over the course of the series, Chuck will address every facet of the playing experience where bad habits can get in the way of lower scores, including shots from the tee, greenside and everywhere in between. His tour-tested advice on course management, club selection and mental preparation will help with game improvement.

Breaking Bad Habits: On the Course was produced in two parts, with Volume 1 premiering today and featuring 12 episodes focusing on the biggest mistakes Martin sees on the tee box, in the rough, off uneven lies, and navigating trouble shots from the trees. Volume 2 of the series, premiering on Tuesday, Dec. 15, also will include 12 episodes. This section will focus on crushing the driver, fairway bunker faults, playing out of a divot, and approach shots of various distances.

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