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Modern Trophies with heritage style from Malcolm DeMille

Crossover Classic trophy features logo and parquet flooring to match the unique retro hardwood court

2020 Crossover Classic trophy by Malcolm DeMille

The team at Malcolm DeMille has a long history in prize innovation. This pioneering spirit brought the Crossover Classic calling this last fall. They were looking for a way that allowed teams to bring home a piece of their unique Heritage Court. The result is a one of a kind trophy featuring the tournament’s logo and parquet flooring to match the unique retro hardwood court.

Malcolm DeMille's work on 2020 Crossover Classic trophy

The trophies are brightly nickel plated to shine boldly on national TV. The wood elements show through the natural piercings in the logo. The motif is utilized not just for the 8” diameter champion trophy (now proudly residing at West Virginia University), but the smaller tournament player trophies as well.

If you are looking to fuse your heritage with a modern style or just looking to refresh your prizes, be sure to visit at and get some ideas of what’s possible.

2020 Crossover Classic champions



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