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Golftec releases 8-part in-depth Cure Your Slice video series

(Denver, CO) GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf improvement and club fitting, released an in-depth video series featuring VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, that cuts through all the inconsistencies in golf instruction and provides a clear breakdown of how to Cure Your Slice.

“We know there's a large portion of golfers struggling with a slice who are looking for instruction on the web,” said Clearwater. “The problem is all the different videos out there that aren’t going to help cure your slice because they’re based on opinions. So, we put together a series that looks at the facts of why a golfer slices, and how to fix it.”

In this 8-part series, Clearwater reveals the fundamental problems that can cause a slice, from grip to ball flight, hand path, wrist bends, the influence turning and tilting can have, and much more, for the most comprehensive analysis of why golfers slice to date. On top of that, he illustrates how to turn a slice into a consistent, repeatable draw every golfer will be able to reproduce.

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Since 1995, GOLFTEC has become the world’s largest provider of golf lessons and premium club fittings, operating more than 200 corporately-owned and franchised Training Centers in all major U.S. cities, Canada, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. A top employer of PGA Professionals, the company’s 700-plus highly-trained coaches leverage leading-edge technology for a completely fact-based approach to instruction, practice and club fitting. GOLFTEC’s leadership position in golf improvement is augmented by its SwingTRU Motion Study – the largest ever conducted on golf swing mechanics.

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