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PerfectMotion® introduces “PPI” motion efficiency metric

Upgraded app now includes PerfectMotion® Performance Index to track improvement

BOSTON, MASS. — PerfectMotion® has upgraded the user experience in its industry-leading A.I.-powered, motion training mobile app by introducing the PPI, PerfectMotion® Performance Index. PPI is a numerical measure of motion efficiency from 0 to 100. As golfers work with the app toward the goal of repeatable, efficient body motion with every club, their PPI scores help them measure their success, track improvements, focus their efforts and challenge themselves.

PPI is a moving average, similar to a handicap, computed as an overall measure over a golfer’s last 300 swings and putts, and individually, for BALL and NO BALL training sessions for each club. As a golfer improves their motion efficiency, their PPI increases. Golfers now have a simple, objective measure of performance for their drives, irons, wedges, chips and putts used to help them achieve the ultimate goal of the PerfectMotion® app: lower handicaps, effortless distance and automatic accuracy.

“The app and its AI allow golfers to train with purpose, eliminating their key faults one at a time,” says Rich Kosowsky, PerfectMotion® founder and CEO. “The PPI simply measures that progress. It goes up as a golfer eliminates the most severe fault, scores more perfect motions in a session, and graduates to higher skill levels. We all know how passionate golfers are about performance and data. And unlike a handicap, which requires playing rounds to improve, golfers can improve their PPI anywhere and anytime, with or without a ball. All they need is their phone.”

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Instructors use PPI to help assess which areas of the game to focus on with a student and then use their expertise and insight to speed PPI gains. “Given the PPI scores for every training session, along with the trends by club, a coach can quickly assess a student's key issues and create a personalized plan for improvement,” says Kosowsky.

Three-time Ryder Cup participant and four-time winner on the PGA TOUR Chip Beck, a PerfectMotion® instructor, is enthusiastic about PPI and the data it provides. “PPI pinpoints my students’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to a more efficient and effective teacher,” Beck says. “And it’s a great motivational tool – I’m currently competing with several of my students through the app to see who can improve putting PPI fastest. It’s a lot of fun.”

The PerfectMotion® app allows golfers to train efficiently, with or without a ball, while receiving expert guidance on every swing and putt. To start improving, golfers simply place their phone on the ground angled up toward them and make swings with a driver, iron, wedge, or work on chips and putts. The app uses proprietary artificial intelligence to track the golfer’s body motion and instantly determine their key swing fault. The app then provides a custom video fix to help eliminate it. For app subscribers that want to accelerate their PPI gains, they can choose from a list of top instructors worldwide to work with remotely in a uniquely personalized and effective way.

The PerfectMotion™ app can be downloaded for the Apple iPhone in the iOS app store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store. The app comes with a 14-day free trial. After the trial, the Pro version costs $5.99 a month or a $59.99 annually.

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About PerfectMotion®
PerfectMotion®, LLC has developed and patented (pending) an AI-based motion improvement platform for sports performance, safety/compliance and health markets. The company’s first product focuses on golf improvement. The PerfectMotion® management team brings a combined century’s worth of expertise in technology development, data science and digital marketing. The PerfectMotion® app is a personalized golf training system that allows golfers to quickly developed and feel efficient body motion with every club through an innovative process of continuous expert feedback. PerfectMotion® has assembled a distinguished advisory board that includes three-time Ryder Cup player Chip “Mr. 59” Beck and top PGA golf instructor Joe Hallett. The PerfectMotion® app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for $5.99/month or $59.99 annually. To learn more visit

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