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Links Drinks ready to drink transfusion cocktail expanding distribution in 2021

Fairfield, CT: Launched in July of 2019 Links Drinks, LLC is expanding distribution of it’s Ready to Drink Classic Transfusion cocktail in a can.

The Transfusion is a popular golf club classic made with Vodka, Ginger Ale and Grape Juice. For years, golfers have looked forward to this delicious and refreshing drink at the turn or in the clubhouse. Now, Links Drinks has created a Ready to Drink Transfusion cocktail in a can to enjoy anywhere… on the course, beach, boat or BBQ at home with family and friends. Their motto is Get out there and Enjoy Life!

Links Drinks — 4 Pack With Tees

The Links Drinks Transfusion comes in a 12oz. can and is made with a 7% ABV blend of premium 6x distilled vodka, natural ingredients, no preservatives and is gluten free. Sold in “foursome packs” it’s ideal for the beverage cart and halfway house, creates a faster pace of play, is perfect for golf tournaments and member events too. Coolers rejoice! 

The Ready to Drink (RTD) category is a booming market. The ease and convenience of grab and go products, no bartender needed or grocery list of items way of life has become increasingly appealing to all demographics. Especially during this past year when golf courses, bars and restaurants were limited to take out only, the RTD beverage filled that need.

Owners, Fred and Denise Evanko, started drinking Transfusions years ago, eventually having a light bulb moment about canning this great tradition and so, Links Drinks was born. Fred grew up around the game of golf while his grandfather was a PGA Professional. He also worked in the golf event space for over 20 years as the Head of Sales for the PGA Shows. His many golf industry connections combined with Denise's creative background and the support of amazing family and friends have helped make this cocktail in a can dream a reality. Their son Riley is attending college now and there is a fourth member of their family they can't leave out, their beloved daughter, Grace, who passed away from cancer in 2013. They try to honor her memory every day and plan to donate a portion of the company profits to help charitable causes and other families dealing with pediatric cancer.

Links Drinks Transfusions are now available in 10 states and over 1,000 locations and growing in 2021.  New flavors are coming soon “at the turn”.

You can visit their virtual showroom and schedule a meeting during the 2021 Virtual PGA Merchandise Show next week from January 26-29 at

For more information of if you are interested in buying or selling product at on and off premise locations, please reach out directly.

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